Indoor Meetings 2019 - 2020

All meetings are held in the hall at St Vincent's Roman Catholic Church, Tatton Street, Knutsford, WA16 6HR (click here for map) on the first Friday of the month, unless otherwise stated - please check the programme. There is a large and free car park off Tatton Street close to the hall (see map).

An entrance fee of £2.00 to members and £4.00 for non-members will be charged at all meetings except the AGM when there will be free admission. A coffee break (included in admission) is taken halfway through the evening. The doors open at 7:30pm for a 7:45pm start.

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4th October 2019
‘BIRDS AND CLIMATE CHANGE’ by Dr James Pearce-Higgins, BTO

Climate change has risen up the social and political agenda, and is now much discussed in the media. We are fortunate in the UK to have a wealth of long-running survey and monitoring data with which to understand how climate change is affecting our natural environment. James will use these data to summarise how birds in the UK have been affected by climate change in recent decades, particularly drawing upon analysis of BTO's long-running datasets. He will consider the ways in which climate change affects species, and how the UK avifauna may change in the future. Finally, he will conclude with some signs of hope, showing how the right action can increase the resilience of the natural world to climate change.

1st November 2019

Gary will take us on a journey from the mountains of Wales down to the coastal fringes, showing many of the birds that occur on the way. Wales has a great variety of habitats and wildlife, so expect a selection of great images highlighting the delights of this country, which is of course, just on our doorstep.

6th December 2019
‘AN INDIAN WINTER’ by Keith Offord

Anyone who has travelled to the Indian Subcontinent cannot have returned unmoved. There are few countries in the world which offer such an exotic sensation. This talk explores the fabulous wildlife of the area, starting with the extraordinary waterbird oasis of Bharatpur, home to endangered Siberian Cranes, psychedelic kingfishers and every imaginable heron and egret, then onto the emblem of Indian conservation, the elusive tigers of Bandhavgarh. Along the way stunning wildlife is punctuated with some of the greatest cultural riches in the world.

3rd January 2020

In this talk bird photographer, Richard Steel, will take you on a journey that starts around 200 miles inside the Arctic Circle and then northward through the taiga forest and into the tundra areas of the most north-eastern point of Europe. In the land of the summer midnight sun, where time almost becomes abstract for birds and people, a photographer is challenged by both the weather and sleep deprivation. On the journey some iconic and fascinating birds will be encountered from Pine Grosbeak to the eerie silence of the Ruff lek.

7st February 2020

The Americas represent two huge and adjoining continents with an array of natural environments and a resultant diversity of wildlife. Professional wildlife photographer Mark Sissons's new talk will take you on a representative journey through some of them including the coasts of Alaska, the rainforests of Costa Rica, the beaches of north Patagonia and the mountains of southern Chile: bears, birds, bats and beaches await!

6th March 2020
AGM followed by ‘MERSEY ESTUARY'S BIRDS’ by author Dermot Smith

The Mersey Estuary is the 10th best wetland in the UK for birds. It is the best place in Britain for overwintering Dunlin and moulting Shelduck. It is also one of the most inaccessible wetlands. However, bird counts have been taking place on the estuary since the 1950's and Dermot will reveal why this is such an important site and how bird populations have changed over the last 70 years and what threats it now faces. Although surrounded by urban development it is actually a truly wild, undisturbed place and undervalued, but really special, place.