Site List

The Cheshire and Wirral Gazetteer is produced by the Society to enable the accurate identification and recording of sites within the recording area of Cheshire and Wirral. It should also prove a useful source of information and references for birdwatchers, particularly those new to the county. A detailed description of the gazetteer is available at this page.

The Gazetteer is available as a download, either as an Excel workbook (contains 3 spreadsheets: main gazetteer; list of tetrads; and 'parent and child' summary), or as a csv (which only contains the main gazetteer). You can now download a separate csv file which only contains the 'parent and child' summary. The Gazetteer will be updated as and when significant changes are made. This is the version as at July 2015.

  1. For ease of reference some sites have been grouped together under their main site or area name ('parent and child'), so always check the appropriate site or area if you cannot find an individual site, as there may be a suitable site already listed.
  2. Sites beginning with 'The' have been indexed with (The) after the site name.
  3. Where site names have changed recently, or where there is some confusion, 'also known as' (aka) site names have been included.
  4. CAWOS wishes to stress that the inclusion of a site in the Gazetteer implies nothing about rights of access to the site, nor anything about its importance as a birdwatching area. The Birdwatchers Code of Conduct and the Country Code must be followed at all times. In particular, entry to land must be made only where right of public access exists or with the landowner's permission.
  5. We would welcome any suggestions, corrections, or additions, but please double check any different names and/or grid references to avoid duplications.

Corrections and additions should be sent to: Database Chairman, Sheila Blamire, Woodruff Cottage, Clamhunger Lane, Mere, Cheshire, WA16 6QG

The printed Gazetteer is available for £1.75 incl p&p (for CAWOS members and regular contributors of records the charge will be 75p for p&p). Please note that the printed Gazetteer is the January 2015 version. Please send your cheque (made payable to CAWOS), with your name and address,to the Database Chairman (contact details as above).